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Here at National Moving Claims, our experts know how frustrating moves can seem. There’s always the chance that your household goods can get damaged or lost. But fear not. Our services are here to help ensure the protection of your furniture and belongings.


The NMC staff is more than a team of moving insurance claim experts. We are a handpicked community of household goods professionals. Our mission is to make every client receive the full replacement value that he or she deserves. Even if there’s only one lost item, we won’t rest until we make sure there’s a replacement.


Other moving claim firms take weeks or months to provide a quote for their services. Not us. We’re ready to provide you with a quote for all types of moves right now. Then, in a matter of days, we can make our helpful services give you the value you deserve. Your loss is our loss. And your damage is our damage.


That’s why we make the extra effort to help our clients recover their goods and items. We do all we can to prevent our clients from having to go to small claims court. (Or any other court.) But if you do have to go to court, we’ll stand by your side. All while providing tips to make your court experience go well.


We can even send over evidence of loss or damage to your court. And we’ll do so within the shortest timeframe among household goods organizations. Our team even has experience providing packages for international moves.


(If you need help recovering goods from an international move, call us today. And please check out our International Moving Claims packages.) There is no type of moving insurance claim that our packages do not address. Each package features household goods services that you won’t find anywhere else. The mission of our claims packages is to find the best replacement value for any of your goods.


From the replacement/value replacement of small belongings to large furniture. All you need to do is contact us with a list of damaged/lost items. Our team can then recommend hand-picked packages with unique claim services.

We will take care of every item on your list. And we can do so in a matter of hours instead of days. Each package is sure to make you and your family/employees thrive.

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The National Moving Claims team is standing by and ready to make your life easier. There is no limit to what our services can provide. From contacting insurance companies to providing household goods relocation tips. We can either help you file evidence that your goods/items suffered damage or loss. If so, our experts can go item by item to determine the best replacement value. We’ll make sure you get the value you deserve for your lost/damaged furniture and items. You don’t want to deal with a court or insurance company after moving on your own. And by using our household goods resources, you won’t have to. We’re ready to turn any loss you have into a financial gain. So, make a call to our household goods experts right now. They will make sure to provide the best customer service and value in the country. Cookies Policy: Our site uses cookies. Why? Because the cookies save web information for the convenience of our clients. Please change your browser settings if you do not want our site to use cookies.



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