About National Moving Claims

National Moving Claims is an administrator consulting firm with three goals:

  1.  Providing the best customer support services.
  2.  Offering the highest quality damage and loss claims processing in the country.
  3.  Making our services available to all shapes and sizes of household goods carriers.


Our team of professionals has a combined 50+ years of moving industry experience. They know how to make every aspect of a moving business perform better. We have state-of-the-art claims processing and consulting services. Our team will customize each service plan so that you and your staff can thrive.


Our extensive hard work and moving industry experience has paid off. It positions us to boost the productivity of every company that we assist. We will not rest until every client is 110 percent satisfied with their end-results. Our competitors choose to do the least amount of work that they can. Instead, we opt to go the extra mile. That's why we provide comprehensive customer support and claim processing services every day.


When it comes to customer service, our representatives are ready to help you succeed. They're dedicated to assisting clients with all types of moving claims issues. Their top priority is to treat each customer with respect and dignity. Our team pledges to work harder than our competitors to resolve concerns.

And they do so through a process that promotes trust and courtesy. Where other firms see no solution, we see long term resolutions. And we’re ready to resolve any problem that a carrier experiences.


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We Can Help You With Legal Documents


National Moving Claims focuses on more than customer support. And our services even extend far beyond claims processing and training services. We also specialize in preparing interstate tariffs. In fact, our team can help you prepare any moving document that you need.

We even offer different all-in-one tariff/document packages. These packages focus on both customer protection and business compliance. After all, business is all about win-win situations. And we want both your customers and your company to win every single day.


Our firm works side-by-side with household goods carriers, both big and small. We make sure that they stay in compliance with the U.S. government. In fact, our experts know US DOT rules and regulations like the backs of their hands. This extensive knowledge leads to fast consulting solutions. Our team leaders have a wealth of experience in sales, dispatch, and even helping drivers. They can help you reduce your number of complaints and claims filed against your company.


The National Moving Claims Mission


The National Moving Claims team has a simple mission. It is to give our clients the greatest care and fastest resolutions. We have a team of adjusters with a track record of educating movers across the country. They know all about customers’ expectations and needs. Plus, our team also knows how to boost the quality of any moving service.

Our patented professional execution tactics are perfect for any moving organization. We know what goes into a successful move. And we’re ready to share our knowledge with you right now. Our team provides an easy-to-use moving claims system. It offers convenient options to file claims and check the status of them. In fact, our moving claims system has a national reputation. Our customers across the U.S. rave that it’s the best tool for all types of carriers.


We’ll Work Hard to Ensure That Your Movers Know How to Handle Shipments


Moving claims get issued when there are problems with shipments. Well, we’ve got some good news. National Moving Claims prides itself on preventing problems with shipments from taking place. In fact, we’ve helped countless carriers improve their delivery processes.

This can lead to moving companies having to deal with fewer legal cases. Even the top carriers in the US sometimes need help. They want to know how they can improve the delivery of goods to customers. That’s why many of our moving claim services focus on how shipments get delivered. 


Through better moving processes, your customers can have better moving results. It’s as simple as that. Some clients need advice about shipments. Others are in need of specific documentation. No matter what a carrier's situation is, we’re ready to help.

Our team can provide you with world-class services designed to protect every shipment. This way, your customers can trust that their items and goods will not get damaged or lost. This can lead to having to deal with fewer legal cases. Like the military can protect civilians, our mission is to protect your company. And we won’t rest until we know that your shipments are getting delivered the right way.


First-Rate Moving Company Claims Help


The moving company claims the process can get stressful. No one understands this better than our organization. We’ve spent decades helping moving companies deal with every type of claim. From standard damage and loss to unique DPS requests. No matter the situation, our team is ready to take two key actions on your behalf.

  1.  Help you process your current claims as fast as we can.
  2.  Prevent your company from having to deal with future moving claims.


So, what’s the secret to our success in dealing with claims?

It all starts with management. We teach the managers (and owners) of companies about claims strategies and processes. This way, businesses can reduce their total number of claims. This can apply even when employees leave. In fact, our team can even build you a custom claims training manual.

That claim manual can get read by all your new-hires. Once a manual gets provided as required reading, the number of new claims can decrease. We want every move your company makes to work out for your customers. Once their items and goods stay 100% protected, they won’t have reasons to file claims.


We’ll Assist You With Moving Claims in a Legal and Ethical Manner


Our moving claim services have no limitations. We offer more full-scale claims services than any other firm in the US. In fact, our customer reviews speak for themselves. Carriers across the country turn to National Moving Clams for anything moving-related. Each of our experts has gotten hand-picked to ensure that moving companies succeed.

Many of these experts used to own (or work at) some of the country’s top carriers. They know how to add value to the moving claims process. In fact, we don't see our workers as little more than advisors. We see them as a stable force preventing claims from taking place.


Our moving claims experts are damage and loss preventers. But even with prevention services, we know that sometimes claims arise. Customers can demand replacements and refunds for any situation. That’s why we pride ourselves on having so much legal knowledge. We use that knowledge to help our clients find ethical, customized solutions. These solutions can apply to any type of moving claim. From full value replacement for damaged items to baseless accusations. We are serious about getting to the bottom of every claim.

That’s why we read and review every US government document before offering guidance. The criteria within the documents can sometimes make or break claims cases. That's why we help moving companies apply the documentation to each case. Our team will go the extra mile and even talk to insurance companies on our clients’ behalf. Say an insurance company faxes us a document containing 10,000 items.

We won’t rest until our experts examine every single item. This way, we can deliver you accurate information. The information should help get your moving claims case resolved fast. This way, your employees can focus on their day-to-day tasks.


More About Us


National Moving Claims is reshaping how moving companies can thrive. And we want our clients' success to last for years to come. Thanks to innovation, we're considered the premier moving claims company in the country. We have established a reputation for benefiting all moving authorities and service providers.

Movers across the nation depend on our suite of services every day. Our unique software positions us to service all types of moving claims. And we do so in record time while operating with complete transparency.


Our team of adjusters go through significant professional training programs. The programs teach them how to analyze any type of household goods moving claim.  For example, our staff can help you with basic valuation protection of 60 cents per pound per article. Not to mention, we also assist with all full value and depreciated value claims.

Our adjusters take care of claims for damage, delay, loss, complaints, and overcharging. Communication is our top priority during this process. The adjusters ensure that all carriers and customers know what is taking place at all times. Our neutral approach gets administered in a courteous and ethical manner. Do you want to learn more about our company?

If so, our phone lines are open 24/7. Feel free to give us a call right now. We’ll begin helping you with your moving claims needs ASAP.



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