National Arbitration Program

National Arbitration Program

National Arbitration Program for Movers


The National Moving Claims team has created the most advanced moving arbitration program in the country. Why? Because we understand the scope of all moving industry disputes. They can sour the relationships between companies and customers. But rest assured, our organization is ready to help you with all types of disputes. From failure to deliver on time to overcharges for services.


We also know how to take care of shipper disputes involving missing items and damages. Due to our knowledge and experience, we encourage you to use our Arbitration Program.


Start the Online Moving Arbitration Program Right Now


Interstate household goods carriers must take part in securing arbitration programs. This is where they offer customers a key option. If a claims settlement can't take place, customers are welcome to arbitrate. This is why National Moving Claims established our brand-new Arbitration Program. We can provide it to all member carriers. The program does more than assist those carriers. It is a one-stop-shop for all arbitration needs. Why does this program matter so much? It’s simple. Our mission is to ensure that every carrier is in full compliance with federal laws.

National Arbitration Program

Plus, arbitration laws are not the only key concept. There are plenty of rules and regulations that apply to Arbitration. But don't think you’ll need to enroll in a year-long arbitration course. We can package arbitrator information to you in no time at all. That’s one reason why National Moving Claims has received so many awards. We’re the leading force behind empowering carriers and shippers with their arbitration results. Do you want to learn more about our Arbitration Program? If so, go ahead and give our team a call right away.


What Is an Arbitration Program for Moving?


All interstate moving companies have to operate a neutral arbitration program. The program can get administered through any third-party arbitration service provider. (Such as National Moving Claims.) A program cannot show favoritism to consumer shippers or the moving company. Arbitration is a cost-effective and fast resource for obtaining resolutions. The goal of every company is to secure final and binding resolutions for all disputes.


Many companies try to settle disputes through assisted or direct negotiations. But most of those negotiations fail. That’s why using our Arbitration Program can help you succeed. It only includes relevant tips that can help you get fast results. Any moving company, both big and small, can benefit by using our program. It helps get any type of claim taken care of in the blink of an eye. And don't expect to have to read thousands of pages of information. We package key arbitration concepts into a few lines of text per subject.


Is Moving Arbitration Required?


Moving arbitration itself is not required for all interstate moving disputes. But having access to an arbitration program is required by federal law. This is part of the U.S. government protecting shipments of household goods. The law refers to 49 CFR § 375.211. All interstate moving companies must have a working arbitration program in place. No exceptions. This is so shippers have a legal option that doesn’t involve litigation. Moving companies cannot force customer shippers to go through arbitration before litigation. Arbitration can affect claims that involve property damage and property loss. It also affects disputes about the charges for services. 


Every moving company has to provide shippers with written notices of arbitration. Plus, every customer should receive a written summary of an arbitration program. This needs to happen before issuing an order for service. The arbitration programs written summary should include the following three factors.

  1.  A summary describing the arbitration process.
  2.  The cost is $215 a year but the filing is related to every party that gets involved in the arbitration and is determined by the amount filing.
  3.  All legal ramifications of the arbitration.


Say that your company chooses to proceed with an arbitration program. This means that the selected arbitrator has 60 days to reach a decision. Those days begin once the receipt of the written notice of the dispute gets distributed. There are certain parameters about the costs that come with the arbitration. Moving companies can't force shippers to pay more than 50% of any cost. Say that an arbitration alternative takes place. And say that the dispute totals under $10,000. This means that all decisions made by the arbitrator could be binding. Also, arbitration decisions cannot get appealed in any court of law.


How Does the Moving Arbitration Process Start?


Initiating the arbitration process is simple. The consumer shipper informs a moving company that he or she intends to arbitrate. It’s recommended that demands for arbitration should get sent out in the mail. Let’s say a moving company receives a written demand for arbitration. The company is now required to send out certain forms and information.

The forms and information refer to the company’s specific neutral arbitration service. (Such as our own Arbitration Program.) Moving companies have to follow the demands for arbitration. That’s because the FMCSA can sanction moving companies with severe civil penalties. You don't want to risk losing your business because you failed to adhere to regulations.


Our New Online Moving Arbitration Forum


National Moving Claims will soon release a new online arbitration forum. And we're ecstatic about its release. The forum will contain even more relevant information than our current forum. In fact, it will guide you through the complete arbitration process. This is so movers and customers can find resolutions fast. The forum will also contain official government arbitration policies. For example, it will spell out what the FMCSA expects from both movers and individuals. Our goal is to empower both customers and HHG (household goods movers).

That’s why the forum is so important. It’s a great tool that will help all parties get their claims taken care of. We intend to add new services to the arbitration forum over the next year. All the services will contain legally mandated guidelines. This is to prevent confusion from taking place. 


Carriers and moving company customers have depended on our firm for decades. It’s only fair that we protect both consumers and businesses. That protection focuses on the prevention of wasting time and money on litigation. We will also open up a new tariff forum in the next year. It will contain FMCSA regulations to assist any company/consumer with their tariffs. Moving is stressful for both carriers and individuals.

That’s why these neutral forums will exist. Our goal is to blur the lines between consumers and moving companies. This way, all parties can maintain clear communication and resolve disputes. The fewer disputes you have, the more money gets leftover in your pocket.


Information About Arbitration Fees


Understanding how arbitration fees get distributed can seem confusing. But do not panic. The National Moving Claims Arbitration Program can help you with all your fee needs. For example, we can help you understand whether a current fee is valid. Our team can even estimate the total of future arbitration fees. The National Moving Claims team is here to assist you with tips about how to process any type of fee. This corresponds to one reason why the program receives so many awards every year. Our services help both carriers and shippers/individuals get positive results through arbitration. 


The faster arbitration disputes get resolved, the more money you’ll save. And our experts know how to save our clients cash through arbitration services. Plus, we can help you avoid litigation. This way, you can continue to afford to fund many more moves.


If you need information about arbitration fees, do not hesitate to contact our team. Our experts have studied arbitration rules and regulations for decades. That’s why they can assist you with anything related to arbitration fees. We even know the arbitration laws that apply to each state in the US. And we're happy to share that information with you right now.


Let Us Know if You Need More Moving Arbitration Program Information 


Do you want to find out more about how our new Arbitration Program works? If so, do not hesitate to contact our company. Our experts can walk you through the program right now. We could even set up a virtual meeting with your moving company employees. The meeting can cover any arbitration subject that will help your team succeed. From how to interpret fees to ensure the safety of confidential information. Here at National Moving Claims, your arbitration success is our success.


There’s no limit to what our Arbitration Program can do. And that applies to both shippers and businesses of all sizes. Whether you're in a dispute or might begin one, our phone lines and doors are always open. We’ll instruct you on how to communicate with the other party and find new tactics to solve problems. Rest assured, our staff will remain neutral throughout the entire process.


But they will provide plenty of tips to both parties that lead to fast claim resolutions. Our team also has plenty of tips to provide for how to prevent claims from getting filed. Are you ready to receive more information about arbitration? We hope so because our experts are ready to provide you with plenty of information.



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