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Are There Time Limits When It Comes to Filing Claims?

Yes, there are certain time limits when it comes to filing claims. Let’s go over time limits for interstate, international, and local California moves. The limit is nine months beginning on the date of delivery. The time limit varies for intrastate and local moves in states other than California. The exact time limit depends on the regulations for each state. That time limit almost always ranges from fifteen to ninety days after the start of delivery. You can begin determining the time limit by contacting your carrier. Also, take a glance at the back of the Bill of Lading. The back of the Bill of Lading might mention certain claim filing requirements.

Our organization can receive your information after you file online. We can then verify the information that you submit with your carrier. This is so we can provide you with a claim number. Next, we’ll email a claim form to your email address that we have on file. You can email claim forms, copies of shipping documents, and claim support documents. You can also mail us these documents and they will arrive at the mailing address from the claim form. Please check out our Contact Us page for more information about submitting documents.

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