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How Long Does the Claim Process Take?

he duration of the claim process depends on whether the move was a local or interstate move. Let’s go over local moves first. There are no certain time restrictions regulated by various states. That’s why our organization treats local and intrastate moves as interstate moves. This means that there are 120 days for claims to get adjusted. California (local and intrastate) moves get reviewed within thirty days. This is a rule by the California PUC.

Carriers have 120 days to provide settlement offers for interstate moving claims. Those days begin on the date that a claim gets completed. Plus, the required (and completed) documents must already sit in the office of your carrier. Say that a claim cannot get settled or denied within 120 days. The carrier must send an extension notice to a customer. That notice must get received within all consecutive sixty day periods. Say that you choose our organization to serve as your assigned 3rd party claims company. This means that we must follow the same time requirements that carriers do. Keep in mind that our mission is to provide resolutions as fast as we can.

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