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Below are some questions that our organization often receives about moving claims. Please contact our team today if you do not see your claims question listed below.


Are There Time Limits When It Comes to Filing Claims?


Yes, there are certain time limits when it comes to filing claims. Let’s go over time limits for interstate, international, and local California moves. The limit is nine months beginning on the date of delivery. The time limit varies for intrastate and local moves in states other than California. The exact time limit depends on the regulations for each state. That time limit almost always ranges from fifteen to ninety days after the start of delivery. You can begin determining the time limit by contacting your carrier. Also, take a glance at the back of the Bill of Lading. The back of the Bill of Lading might mention certain claim filing requirements.


Our organization can receive your information after you file online. We can then verify the information that you submit with your carrier. This is so we can provide you with a claim number. Next, we’ll email a claim form to your email address that we have on file. You can email claim forms, copies of shipping documents, and claim support documents. You can also mail us these documents and they will arrive at the mailing address from the claim form. Please check out our Contact Us page for more information about submitting documents.


How Long Does the Claim Process Take?


The duration of the claim process depends on whether the move was a local or interstate move. Let’s go over local moves first. There are no certain time restrictions regulated by various states. That’s why our organization treats local and intrastate moves as interstate moves. This means that there are 120 days for claims to get adjusted. California (local and intrastate) moves get reviewed within thirty days. This is a rule by the California PUC.


Carriers have 120 days to provide settlement offers for interstate moving claims. Those days begin on the date that a claim gets completed. Plus, the required (and completed) documents must already sit in the office of your carrier. Say that a claim cannot get settled or denied within 120 days. The carrier must send an extension notice to a customer. That notice must get received within all consecutive sixty day periods. Say that you choose our organization to serve as your assigned 3rd party claims company. This means that we must follow the same time requirements that carriers do. Keep in mind that our mission is to provide resolutions as fast as we can.


How Do I Check the Progress or Status of a Claim?


Do you need to check the status of your case? If so, please email our organization right now. We make all our claim correspondence through email and physical mail. There is a chance that we will call you if we need extra information. Or, our team might need certain clarifications involving your claim. Feel free to add the email address on our Contact Us page to your contact list. This will help ensure that our emails end up in your inbox instead of your spam folder.


When Will I Receive My Settlement Check?


Most settlement checks get mailed out a week or two after the date a carrier receives a signed release. Certain carriers have specific dates for issuing checks. Other carriers mail settlement checks within thirty days of receipt. This applies to the signed release. Our team asks carriers to provide checks within 45 days since the receipt of signed release.  This timeframe is an internal policy and does not refer to US law. Feel free to contact us if you need help securing your settlement check. We also encourage you to contact your carrier to receive specific information.


Are You Associated With Any Moving Company?


No, we are not associated with any carrier of which we provide our services. Our organization serves as a 3rd party claims service business. A great deal of carriers opt to outsource their claims services. They do so in a manner that’s like outsourcing accounting to a 3rd party organization. Our company prides itself on serving as a 3rd party claims company. We analyze claims based on each carrier’s unique terms and conditions. We apply extensive knowledge of federal and state regulations to our analyzing practices.


Do I Need To Pay for This Service?


No, you do not need to pay for it. The service is free of charge for customers of participating carriers. We also take care of a wide variety of claims. From loss and damage to delays, overcharges, and many other complaints. Make sure that you feature all your concerns when you file your claim. Our team will address and investigate every concern that you provide to us. Of course, we cannot address or respond to any concerns that you choose not to include in a claim.


Are Movers Responsible for Damage?


Yes, movers are almost always liable for damage and loss. That damage/loss takes place during a shipment’s transportation. They are also responsible for the related services listed on the Bill of Lading. Moving companies have to assume liability for the value of transported household goods.


What Do You Do When a Moving Company Loses Your Stuff?


Do you have lost items or are there unresolved issues with your moving company? If so, send out an email or letter stating that you need a resolution. Make sure that you file insurance claims (such as damage claims) as soon as you can. That’s because there are certain timelines when it comes to making claims. Take plenty of pictures of any goods that appear broken or damaged. And when all else fails- contact our organization for help.


How Do You Win a Lawsuit Against a Moving Company?


You can sometimes sue a moving company once you've filed a claim with the company. You’ll have to prove that your items were in good condition before the company transported them. Or, you’ll have to prove that the moving company failed to transport your goods. Lawsuits are a last resort when the claims process does not proceed how the customer expects.


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Moving Damage?


No, homeowners insurance almost never provides coverage when it comes to moving goods. That’s why adhering to the moving claims process is so important. A homeowners policy will not protect you from a moving company’s mistakes.


Does Your Organization Provide Service to Clients in Different US States?


Yes, we do. Sure, our headquarters are in California. But our team services to carriers and customers all across the US. Keep in mind that our office hours are Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. But you are welcome to call at any time and we will call you back ASAP.



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