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National Moving Claims provides a Moving Helpline for all customer service and organizations.

No matter what problem you are experiencing, our team is ready to assist. We understand that the moving process can get stressful for you and your employees.

But rest assured, we’re here to take that stress away. And we intend to replace your stress with informed business solutions.

Our Helpline experts are ready to guide you through any moving situation.


From dealing with government regulations to communicating with dissatisfied customers. In fact, our Helpline staff can even contact your customers on your behalf. This is an example of how National Moving Claims goes the extra mile.


Call Our Moving Helpline Any Time


Our Moving Helpline is open on a 24/7 basis. Please leave your contact information if you are calling past business hours. One of our dedicated moving experts will return your call ASAP. The National Moving Claims experts look forward to helping you succeed.

They will work with you to solve any issue about the moving process. Plus, they can answer questions about our moving packages and services. Each package can save you and your team a large amount of money. The pricing of our packages is cheaper than the limited services of our competitors.

Plus, our moving packages have a reputation for putting anyone on the road to success fast. To find out more about our packages, please give our Moving Helpline a call right now.


No Matter Your Problem, Our Helpline Experts Will Find a Solution


Our 24-hour Moving Helpline customer service has no limitations. And neither does our ability to provide the highest quality moving-related support. National Moving Claims is here to help clients from all across the United States. Our unmatched resources will help you thrive during any part of the moving process.


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No matter the problem, our Helpline staff will work hard until we find the right solution. We look forward to helping you discover lasting moving solutions that get results in a cost-effective way.



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