Moving Claims Packages

Moving Claims Packages


National Moving Claims offers the most well-reviewed and top-rated claims packages. Each package is hassle-free and convenient. We also provide plenty of claim processing programs. Each one benefits moving companies all across the United States. The programs can process all forms of damage and customer loss claims.

You are welcome at any time to submit a claim to us online. We begin every claim process by providing a written report. In fact, our team continues to provide reports during all stages of the process. The reports get sent to both the company and the customer. We know that moving claims can cause a lot of headaches. So, leave the hard work to us. Our packages can take care of all your needs on your behalf. This way, you’ll have more time every day to focus on growing your business. Are you considering signing up for one of our moving claims packages? If so, let us know right away. This could be one of the smartest investments you've ever made.


Our Four Unique Moving Company Claims Packages


We are proud to give you four options to choose from when it comes to moving claims packages. Unlike other companies, we will customize each package to fit your exact needs. That’s why pricing is not listed below. But rest assured, we can give you a price estimate over the phone. Here are our four claims packages:


  • Starter Package $45/a Claim, (Priced by each Claim). This is our most basic package. It is PPC: Pay Per Case. It is best for companies just starting with limited moving claims per month.


  • The Moderate Package $145 (Per Month). Do you need a package for up to 6 moving claims cases per month? If so, this is the claims package for you. $35 per case after the first 6. 


  • The Supportive Package $285 (Per Month) This supportive package allows you to deal with up to 12 claims cases per month. It is our most popular household goods program. The moving industry has deepened on this package for over two decades. $25 per case after the first 12.


  • Substantial Package $400 (Per Month) Our most exclusive, state-of-the-art claims package handles up to 20 cases every month. There is then a small charge per extra case. This package benefits large-seized companies in the moving and storage industry. $20 per case after the first 20. 


Add-on Customer Services Call service ($400 Per Month)

If you would like to add customer service to your service then we can do that for you. This is when we act as your customer service answering service. Sometimes unfortunately customers need a representative to talk to.

Listening to a customer can be challenging for some movers because they are already overwhelmed from running their companies.  

Have you ever had an upset customer keep calling the office and kill the energy of your salespeople?

Forward them to your dedicated agent to handle those customers that a person that can talk to them.  Limited to 25 customers per month. $15 per customer thereafter. 


Moving Claim Service


The Moving Claims Packages Above Include Many Services


Each of the above packages can help you take your business to the next level. Why? Because National Moving Claims has loaded tons of services onto all our packages. Each one will help you process all forms of loss and damage claims.

Your customers will have the tools to submit claims online at any time. The National Moving Claims team will go the extra mile by providing written reports. And they will do so at every stage of each claim. The reports will get sent to both your company and each customer. We can even provide arbitration services through third parties. (This might cost extra.)

Our team responds to BBBs, General Attorneys, the AMSA, and consumer protection agencies. The National Moving Claims team also has a great relationship with the DPS and DOT. We can also help you with charge-backs by managing your credit card disputes. And if you need help dealing with insurance claims/subrogation claims, we’re ready to assist.

In fact, our experts have decades of experience when it comes to moving insurance. We can help you understand any complicated policy rule in a matter of seconds. This way, you can train your employees on how to prevent claims from getting filed.


Our Team Can Provide Legal Reviews as Part of the Moving Claims Packages


National Moving Claims ensures that all our clients remain in great legal standing. That’s why our claims packages have so many custom options. Every package can focus on receiving advice about rules and regulations. There's a secret weapon for moving company claims cases getting resolved fast. It happens when each organization understands what the government wants. Whether it’s the FMCSA or DPS, you've got to know what the government expects. That’s why we give our clients the option for us to review items within any type of document. From tariffs to moving contracts to insurance information. 


We will read and review all documents that apply to your moving company. All you need to do is have a free consultation over the phone with our team. While doing so, make sure that you tell us if there are documents or processes you’d like us to observe.

We can then assess your needs and apply long term solutions into a claims package. This way, both you and your customers can rest easy. You’ll know that you provide first-rate services once our firm adjusts your policies. And with decades of experience, our team is ready to protect your customer’s goods.

Each of our moving packages focuses on protecting items throughout the moving process. The last thing you want is to have to replace damaged goods. And you might have to do so through policies such as full value protection. That’s why our team’s legal reviews are so important.

They can prevent moving claims from getting filed against any organization. Dealing with fewer claims will help empower your workforce to do their jobs well. They'll be able to concentrate on their assigned tasks without having to worry.


Your Shipments of Goods Can Improve From Our Moving Claims Packages


The best way to prevent yourself from dealing with claims is to ensure that your shipments run well. And National Moving Claims is the US’ number one resource for help with shipments.

We begin the process by reviewing a company’s current shipment processes. We even categorize items that your customers move. This part of the process only takes a few days at the most. This is so our team can review how your own team conducts delivery operations. Carriers have different methods of shipping items. But the purpose of our firm is to ensure that your workers ship goods the right way.

Otherwise, you're going to continue to experience receiving claims. Once we know how your team operates after a few days, we can start providing solutions. These solutions can apply to management, drivers, dispatch, and other roles.

It all depends on a customized case-by-case basis. In fact, we can include custom solutions within any moving claims package. This will do more than provide relief to your workers. It will also affect your customers. They will appreciate the care that’s provided for every shipment. No matter what type of items you transport, we’ll help you prevent damage and loss.


Our Packages Put Your Moving Company’s Claims in Safe Hands


National Moving Claims has a national following among hundreds of carriers. From small businesses to large franchises. And our claims packages listed above are a big reason why. Most other moving claims organizations do not even provide custom packages.

Instead, they offer limited services that only go through the motions. But that’s not how we do business. Instead, we work around the clock to find long term solutions to prevent moving claims. There are many ways our team goes about this. From switching up household goods transportation policies to providing advice to carriers. 


Each of our experts gets hand-picked to work on behalf of a client’s moving package. That one-on-one attention can lead to more of a company's customers feeling satisfied. Once they are, they’ll write positive online reviews that showcase the value of each carrier. Next, prospective customers will read the reviews.

Doing so will make them want to enlist a moving company’s services. Our competitors often take weeks to come up with a potential claims solution. Instead, our experts can do so within days at the most.

But we never provide advice until it gets verified by industry experts. That’s one reason why carriers of all shapes and sizes depend on our claims packages every day. We won’t let your moving company's team down.


Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Moving Company Claims Packages


Is your moving company interested in securing a package that gets results? If so, let us know right now. Our phone lines are open at all times. We will listen to your needs and work hard to deliver you the right package that focuses on value.

This way, you can get empowered to turn any moving-related problem into a solution. Sure, dealing with claims can feel overwhelming. But you're not alone in your struggles.

National Moving claims will provide services that can lead to a reduced number of claims. But here’s something that could increase for you and your team: revenue.



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