The Moving Claim Process

The Moving Claim Process

How to File Damage & Loss Claims


National Moving Claims is ready to keep you on top of the moving claims process. In fact, we’ve got our own patented process that can help you get fast results. This process has assisted thousands of people across the US. From any large sized office to countless individuals.

Our firm extends our deepest sympathies for any moving-related problem you've experienced. The moving process can sometimes create unexpected problems and concerns. But you're not alone. Hundreds of moving company customers turn to our experts every month. Below is an outline of every step within the days of our moving claims process. 

So many clients have benefitted by following it. It’s helped them fill each new home after a move with value. We won’t rest until your damaged goods undergo repair. If they can’t, then we’ll do our best to make sure that you receive a new financial settlement.


How to file a moving claim


Step 1 of the Moving Claim Process: Register the Case/Claim Online




Your first moving claim step is to click on a certain icon. It’s titled “Register the Complaint/Claim.” The location of this is on the home page. Clicking it will pull up an online form. Go ahead and fill out all the required information within the form.

We will then receive the case registration. It will go into the National Moving Claims system database. Next, the file will get generated. Our team will then send you a Claim Acknowledgement Notice within days. It will appear in your email inbox within about 72 hours or 3 business days. Those hours start on the very next business day.


Keep in mind that these days are the preliminary part of your case. This means that we only need a basic outline of complaints/claims. There’s no need to submit the complete inventory yet. Keep in mind that receiving your claim registration is important. We must enter it into the system database to generate a file.


National Moving Claim Process


Step 2 of the Moving Claim Process: Take Care of the CPP (Claim Procedures Package)




This moving claim process step begins with your registration getting validated. Once it is, we’ll reach out to you so that we can learn more information about your claim/case. We’ll then send the CPP to your home or email. It stands for Claim Procedures Package. It’s an online package that provides many needed tools. They will help get your case validated against the moving company/movers. You’ll now need to submit copies of at least three important items. 


  1.  High-quality pictures of the damaged items from your home. Include every aspect of damage that you see.
  2.  Copies of all relevant moving documents. Include anything that the movers had you sign. Feature it even if part of it doesn’t mention damage.
  3.  Your standard proof of loss/damage claim form. Depending on your case, you might need to submit more items that have to do with damage.


The movers damaged walls


Step 3 of the Moving Claim Process: We’ll Receive and Process Your CPP & Claim




It’s now time for National Moving Claims to receive and process the CPP. One of our Claims Specialists will ensure that this takes place. He or she will do their best to confirm your complaints and/or claims. Our experts will assess all damage that your goods received. We’ll do so in the most helpful manner that we can.

This is so we can seek a fast resolution and get your new home filled with value. The Claim Specialist will go over everything that you submitted in a great deal. He or she will also contact each involved party to ask about the repair. Say that your Claim Procedures Package doesn’t meet our requirements. We will email you a notice of listing the needed documents.

Keep in mind that we can't process your file until we receive all the needed information. That’s why it might say PENDING within the system. We’ll do our best to give you the final opportunities to submit any extra information that you’d like.




Step 4 of the Moving Claim Process: Finalizing Your Complaint/Claim




The National Moving Claims team will work fast to get to a resolution on your behalf. But we’ve first got to make sure that we’ve given you many opportunities to submit your information. This applies to ALL CONCERNS AND DAMAGES relating to your movers. Say that you are now content with the information you've submitted up to this point.

And you also do not want to list any more concerns or damages against the moving company. All you must do now is write out your intentions. (You can write more about the damage of the goods later.)



Specify that you're satisfied with all the information you've given National Moving Claims. Also state that you don't want to list any more concerns or damages about the move. (These concerns and damages of goods relate toward your moving company.)

You can make this declaration online. But say that you want to give us a list of more concerns and/or damages. All you need to do is follow the steps listed in the CPP. It’s crucial that National Moving Claims does one thing. We must provide every client with a thorough and balanced move investigation. Our mission is to find a lasting claim resolution that is both accurate and fair.




Step 5 of the Moving Claim Process: Furnishing/Accepting a Claim Settlement Letter




At this stage, your moving claim case information should have gotten processed. In fact, it should have also gotten validated. Your movers are now positioned to figure out your entitled claim settlement amount. The amount will get based on the selected coverage that you have. Next, you will receive a move-letter via email. It’s titled “Settlement of Claim and Global Release of Liability.” 

The letter is going to show the amount of settlement for the move. It will also state the specific conditions if you accept the move settlement. At this point, you're only required to sign and notarize the letter. Do so before returning it to National Moving Claims. 


After you submit the form to our firm, we’ll add it to your file. We’ll then forward it to your moving provider. This is so they can release the final payment ASAP. Keep in mind that National Moving Claims is a third-party claim processing organization. We are not going to issue you a check. Why? Because you have a contract with your moving provider. They are the responsible party that will issue the check.




Step 6 of the Moving Claim Process: Make a Claim Rebuttal




Are you dissatisfied with the proposed moving claim resolution? If so, all you need to do is make a rebuttal. National Moving Claims intends to make the best of the dispute process for our clients. The dispute process is a one-time opportunity to re-file information that’s missing.

This is so you can support your case in the best manner possible. But say that you're disappointed with the settlement offer that your carrier provides. This means you should email a dispute request. The email should include all supporting documents and the reason for the dispute.


Keep in mind that, at this point, your claim has already gotten reviewed once. Plus, you already received a settlement letter about the move. The letter information's based on the criteria that you submitted. You should read the entire settlement letter. Why?

So that you can better understand what the reasons are for the determination. This will also help you make sure that no information about the move is missing. Each moving claim dispute gets reviewed by a Senior Claim Specialist. A third review of a moving claim is always prohibited.




Step 7 of the Moving Claim Process: Legal Arbitration Claim Process- Customers/Movers




Disputes can take place between customers and companies within any industry. And the moving industry is no exception. There are many reasons for moving industry disputes taking place. Here are the four most common disputes that customers and carriers have. 

  1.  Movers failing to deliver goods from the inventory on time.
  2.  Movers overcharging for moving-related services.
  3.  Damaged items from the inventory.
  4.  Missing items from the inventory.


The interstate moving industry is very regulated. It contains all sorts of legal restrictions. The FMCSA demands that every carrier should have a neutral arbitration program. This is how many disputes get resolved. Neutral arbitration has many benefits for both customers and moving companies.


It is faster than standard litigation and much more cost-effective. Also, neutral arbitration is more informal when compared to court litigation. Many carriers can go through the arbitration process without hiring an attorney. Initiating the arbitration process is simple.


It starts by informing the moving company that you intend to arbitrate. We recommend that arbitration demands get sent to moving companies through the mail. Say that your moving company receives your written demand for arbitration. The company's required to send information and forms to its neutral arbitration service.




Do You Need More Help Dealing With Moving Company Claims?



The National Moving Claims team is standing by. We are ready to assist you when dealing with moving company claims. Our experts are always a phone call away. And they have one simple mission. It is to not let any carrier companies take advantage of you.


Do not panic if your goods or items are missing. Instead, let our team know what your situation is. We will stay with you every step of the way until a resolution gets put in place. The experts of our company have decades of claim process experience. That rich experience with moving jobs positions them to provide advice. Point blank- they know how to deal with household goods companies. Sure, the rules and regulations of the moving industry can seem confusing.


But you're not in this alone. Your business is our business. And we won’t rest until your settlement contains as much value as it can. Feel free to also let us know if you experience any problem related to tariffs. We can also help you out with moving insurance and many other factors. National Moving Claims has the services to help you resolve any claim process issue.




We’re Here to Help You With a Claim for Any Type of Move




Making a big move is never easy. When you move, you risk your movers causing damage to your items. And their lack of regard for your items can cause more than a little damage. Your goods can get damaged to the point of no repair. And who is to blame?


The moving company that you hired. But do not fear your moving company. This is when our company steps in. We’ll do so much more than help you repair your items. Our experts will make sure that the management of your moving company gets contacted.

Our team can then take care of all insurance-related issues on your behalf. Our goal is to make sure that your inventory gets recovered fast. The office of our firm has the experience to get the job done. We refuse to let movers at a company (or any insurance company) take advantage of you. 


We’ve helped both individuals and large company after company with damaged goods. From the VA of the US military to Anthem (insurance company) to PCS and PCS Global. In fact, the US military’s VA has even commissioned us to help military veterans move. (You might have seen this on both the local news and national news.)

This ensures that every military employee can get reunited with a spouse in not many days. But our move process is here for more than the US military. It exists to help all citizens of the country. If your goods get damaged, we’ll make an inventory on your behalf. Our team can then send that inventory to every insurance company that’s involved.




We Make the Moving Claim Process Simple & Easy




We know the move process of insurance organizations like the backs of our hands. That’s because the management of National Moving Claims has existed as a company for decades.

We have the experience to provide the most helpful move-related benefits. The management of our firm is passionate about replacing damaged goods. That’s why our office has the most sought after movers claim process in the US. Our firm has hundreds of jobs that make sure every client replaces their inventory fast. So, welcome to National Moving Claims.

We intend to serve as your new home for anything dealing with the claims process. You don't have to go through the claim process alone. If the US military needs our help, you might need it too. And we’re ready to help you receive the full value of your damaged items today.



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